practical tips

Approx. 40 days before travel we'll talk about numerous aspects of travel that really make a big difference in the quality of your experiences in these countries. It's often the difference between not liking these countries, your trip, and having very rich and very pleasant experiences, not looking forward to going back to enjoy these rich cultures more, which happens very often!

Cultural Tips

For this, we will talk about cultural differences, whether in relation to traffic, body parts, clothes and how to relate to people from each of these regions and cultures.


We will explain - sharing our experience of almost 20 years travelling, living, accompanying and organizing trips for countless Brazilians in these countries - how we travel by train, how to deal with local guides, issues related to luggage, security check at airports, money and so on .


One of the most important points, along with your comfort and enjoyment, is your safety, especially food. We'll talk about what we eat and don't eat, specific hygiene care for these countries.

What to take

At this time, before the trip, there is time both for this information to help you in what you will take to these countries in your suitcase, and for you to remember this information on your travel days.

Preparation for the briefing