trip quality

approx. 40 days before the trip we will talk about practical, cultural and logistical tips that will significantly help in the customer service da US trip.

So many past experiences

Supporting and accompanying Travellers in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet for 22 years, it is very clear what a difference it makes to talk about this information before da trip e not during a trip. When we ask at the end of the trips if we should change the briefing, reduce it, the answer is always: please keep it as it is. And when for some reason we choose and try to do the briefing during the trip, the difference it makes in your enjoyment is very clear. Several small details add up and become tiring, considerably harming your experience on the trip.


please book an morning. It has taken approx. 3 and a half hours but I promise it goes by fast. Same. These are very practical subjects, which help us and in a way as if we were already starting to travel a little. So when we see, time has passed.

We will use Google Meet

We will use Google Meet for our conversation, where I will share the screen to show content on the Chörten website. if you can use a computer for our conversation, with a screen bigger than a cell phone for example, will help in our conversation.