Seventeen Great Paṇḍitas of Nālandā

Seventeen Great Paṇḍitas of Nālandā

Seventeen Masters of Nalanda — seventeen great panditas Indians who were associated with the Nalanda monastery.

  1. Nagarjuna
  2. Aryadeva
  3. Buddhapalita
  4. Bhavaviveka
  5. Chandrakirti
  6. Shantideva
  7. Shantarakshita
  8. Kamalashila
  9. asanga
  10. Vasubandhu
  11. worthy
  12. Dharmakirti
  13. Arya Vimuktisena
  14. haribhadra
  15. Gunaprabha
  16. Shakyaprabha
  17. Atisha


In the colophon of a prayer addressed to these seventeen masters, His Holiness the Dalai Lama he writes:

At this time, when the entire world has witnessed tremendous advancement in the fields of science and technology, but we are also very distracted by the hustle and bustle of our hectic lives, it is crucially important for all of us who follow the Buddha to develop faith based on an understanding of the Dharma teachings. of the Buddha. Therefore, we must investigate them, analyzing and inquiring with an impartial and inquisitive mind. If we are to develop this faith that is sustained by understanding, the remarkable works of the deep and vast traditions composed by the masters universally known as the 'Six Ornaments and Two Supreme' as well as others like Buddhapalita and Arya Vimuktisena are indispensable. With that in mind, I commissioned the painting of a thangka depicting seventeen of Nalanda's most learned and gifted masters, adding nine other masters from the deep and vast lineages to the traditional thangka arrangement for the Six Ornaments and Two Supremes.


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