We really like the following ashrams and schools where you can study and practice Vedanta, Hata Yoga, Scientific Yoga and Integral Yoga in India

Courses and

Ashram: amritapuri.org/ashram
Location: Kerala, South India
Amma Agenda: amritapuri.org/yatra
Locations: ashram and different regions of India

Kaivalyadhama Ashram
Website: kdham.com
Location: Lonavala, Maharashtra

Sivananda Ashrams
Websites: sivanandaonline.orgsivananda.org
Locations: Rishikesh (1st site above), Kerala, Madurai and Uttarkashi (2nd site above)

Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Website: sriaurobindoashram.org
Location: Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

Swami Dayananda Ashram
Website: dayananda.org
Location: Rishikesh

About the stays