Build Your Personalized Trip with Independent Organization

All Chörten Travelers have the care listed below, naturally included in their travel programs, they receive all information and tips, through the contents on our website, and support during their travels.

If you prefer, you can travel independently, with regard to local service providers such as transfers, reservations for your transport and accommodation, which we will help in the following way:

We will do together the setting up your itinerary of travel, with our experience and knowledge considering the sequence, route, displacements, number of days and weather at each time of year in different destinations and regions.

We will talk about the best means of transport available between each destination, regions, we will help with the search for values ​​and we will indicate the best way to book them.

We'll explain the options for types of lodging in each region, we will help with information about the possibilities that we know well, we recommend, as well as researching more options, we will explain how to make and take care of reservations in these countries.

Suggestions of visits and activities in each destination and region according to your interests, availability of time, research when necessary, how and with whom to organize it, possibilities for meals and transportation between your locations.

With a well-organized checklist, we will take care of you in a smooth and efficient way. step by step of your travel arrangements with practical information on the website, by email, Whatsapp and Skype.

We will make the necessary care as easy as possible with all the tips about the travel documents as seen specifically in these countries.

We'll talk about practical aspects of cultures of these countries such as body parts, lengths and castes.

Practical day-to-day issues such as feed, where to eat, types of food, what not to eat to ensure a smooth, safe and well-experienced trip.

How to use the means of transport available as trains, tuctucs, buses in some regions, taxi, planes in a quiet, safe way, making the most of your travels and experiences.

Information related to financial security in these countries, if traveling alone, in a group, in the busiest, most remote regions, in transport, on the streets and in hotels.

Tips on garment according to the types of regions visited, seasons of the year, practicality for the day-to-day travel, more comfortable, culturally safer and especially comfortable for women.

How to travel and walk around understanding the transit in cities and roads in a very quiet and safer way.

Issues of logistics such as visa procedures, electricity, money, public phones and cell phones.

Information traveler's medicine in these countries like water, medicine and vaccines to talk to your doctor. Depending on the regions visited, we can talk about how to travel calmly and safely in higher regions.

In countries where the quality of services and modernization often surprise us positively, but often the structure is much more precarious than we are used to, all tips and information shared do not guarantee 100% safety or prevent 100% unforeseen events.

With our experience of many years traveling, organizing individual and group trips and living a good part of the time in these countries, we aim, through the your better understanding of how these cultures work, about the logistics and travel structures in each region.,

support, thus, that your trip is more quietMore safe, best ready, enjoyed, that you are better able to prevent and take care of unforeseen events, making the best possible use of each of your days and experiences in these regions..

The investment for all services, information, expertise and support listed above is just $500 for the first Traveler and $300 per Traveler for the next ones.

How Can We Help With Your Trip?