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From 29 July to 14 August 2022

Summary Itinerary

X Day São Paulo London
X Day London DELHI
X Day DELHI London
X Day London London
X Day London London
X Day London São Paulo

Detailed Itinerary

1st Day 29-Jul.-2022 Fri São Paulo London

29JUL British Airways BA0246 São Paulo 16:05 London 07:20

2nd Day 30-Jul.-2022 Sat London DELHI


Chorten Delhi Airport airport - md

Upon your arrival, you will already be assisted by our local representatives who, together with Guilherme, will be waiting with a sign with your name (or written Chörten) at the airport. We will talk about the arrival in our briefing (more here), such as that we follow the arrival of each Chörten Traveler. Even if the first flight arrived on time for the connection or on time for the second flight. Transfer to the hotel with assistance, located in a central region, with interesting possibilities for tours and cultural activities. Time to rest so that we can explore the region tomorrow.

30JUL British Airways BA0143 London 10:05 DELHI 23:30

3rd Day 31-Jul.-2022 Sun DELHI DELHI


Lotus Temple

National museum


Gandhi Smriti

Chorten Delhi Lotus
Chorten Delhi Rajpath
Chorten Delhi Gandhi 025 md

Now, we'll meet for breakfast and then sit down to quickly review important India travel tips. Traffic, food, hygiene, cultural, logistics and safety issues are some of the subjects we will have talked about before the trip and now, on site, we will remember and clarify any doubts so that you can make the most of the trip. These are precious minutes that will help a lot every day for the next few days in this country with a vast history, millenary cultures, a knowledge and worldview that we still don't understand well from our backgrounds and Western points of view. My suggestion is not to have a guide on that first day, so we can walk at our own pace, calmly. We will have guides every day from the second day in Ladakh, Agra and Delhi when we tour here again.

Further south of the city, we will visit the beautiful Lotus Temple. Built in the format of its name, it belongs to the religion called Bahá'í, founded in the XNUMXth century. XIX, in ancient Persia, when visiting it we will all be invited to be silent for a moment. An interesting opportunity and experience in the midst of this great bustling city. After the visit to the temple, which is sometimes open, there is an exhibition on the history and work on this religion. Interesting to take a look at and get in touch with these brief expositions of his thoughts.

A very interesting visit in Delhi is the National Museum. It is possible to spend many hours or days to enjoy each hall and exhibits about the history, arts and people of India. A good way to take advantage of this opportunity is to visit a main hall and the relics of Buddha. The backpack needs to be in a storage room before entering the museum building and so, just before going up the stairs to the entrance, be sure to take a look at one of if not the first letter of human rights, carved into a stone, according to the laws of the great Indian emperor of the 3500th century. III BC, Ashoka. Right after entering, one of the first halls is the one on Mohenjodaro and Harappa, cradle of this Indian civilization and culture, which existed between 1500 and XNUMX BC. C., with objects of that time being the main ones: the seal with what must have come to be Shiva, and sculpture of the head of the priest and the dancing girl. Then we walked, without stopping much with the aim of using a shorter time of our day at the museum, through the other rooms, until we arrived at a relic of Buddha. It is common to find practitioners of the method of this Nepalese/Indian master (Sakya) sitting in meditation around his relics. This can surely be a beneficial mental mark that we can offer ourselves for a few minutes, in this training and familiarization with the natural state of our minds, more at peace and better able to benefit a greater number of people and sentient beings (simply: beings with consciousness) in general. If you want to take a quick look at the halls of the Indian tribes and the instruments on the top floor, with some focus and care with time, there's time!

Next to our hotel is the esplanade built by the English in the XNUMXth century. XX, called Rajpath (Raj: king, path: path). In it is the India Gate, a landmark of the city, built in honor of the combatants in the great war.

Another special visit for our day is the last house where Gandhi lived, known as Birla House. We will learn a little about this important part of the history of this nation, as well as about the life and final moment of this great leader, an example of the practice of Ahimsa (non-violence) and the culture of peace to this day all over the world. Today, in the form of an interactive museum, with a collection of photographs and objects by Gandhi, called Gandhi Smriti. We probably won't recommend looking at the whole museum with all the time in the world to give yourself time to get to know the museum, the history of Gandhi up close, like other important sites in Delhi. A walk around the museum, taking a longer look at one or another part of Gandhi's life, usually works very well.

We're going to bed early today as we're resting from the flights, adjusting to the time zone, as if to get a good rest that will help with our acclimatization in Ladakh.

4th Day 1-Aug.-2022 Mon DELHI LEH


Chorten Ladakh 18 md

In the morning, we will make a beautiful flight, which will cross a good part of the highest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas. We will land in the capital of Ladakh, a region known as little Tibet because of the same geography, culture, linguistic roots, ethnicities and religion. Leh is at an altitude of 3500m. Thus, we will rest on our first day to start a good acclimatization. Plenty of hot liquids like tea, soups, noodles stewed with vegetables (thukpa) and rest are great help. Later in the day, we can take a very easy walk to the city market.

5th Day 2-Aug.-2022 Tue LEH LEH


Chorten Ladakh Hemis
Chorten Ladakh Leh Shanti Stupa
Chorten Ladakh Stakna

Today we will follow the Indus upriver, east of Leh, for our first visits in Ladakh, to the Hemis and Thiksey monasteries. Hemis has some of the influence of Kashmira art, there is a small museum with antique objects, as well as old meditation halls. In Thiksey there are younger monks studying and a beautiful statue of Maitreya Buddha, 15m high. On the way we will pass by this monastery (pictured) on the edge of the Indus, called Stakna. Let's see our rhythm. On the way back it is possible that we do some of the visits in Leh.

6th Day 3-Aug.-2022 Wed LEH LEH



Chorten Ladakh Lamayuru
Chorten Ladakh Stock Range
Chorten India Ladakh 108 md horiz

Following the cradle river of all Indian civilization, the Indus or Indus, towards the West, we will visit two ancient and very beautiful monasteries.
Alchi is considered the oldest monastery in Ladakh, it was built in the 3th century. X. His paintings are ancient, very characteristic of the Kashmira region, which was an important academic center of Buddhism. Later, we will continue our journey and discover this incredible monastery on top of a mountain with a very peculiar rock formation, built in the XNUMXth century. XI, around the cave of a great Indian yogi named Naropa. Around the monastery is a village with some houses still with a very old style of life. Here we will have a bit of the experience of seeing a little bit of one of the oldest traditions of self-knowledge in the world, where people lead a simple life, dedicated to their practices. Return trip to Leh, approx. XNUMXh

* Important to take our passports with us today for when we pass a checkpoint on the way.

7th Day 4-Aug.-2022 Thu LEH NUBRA

Khardung La*



Today begins with a trip towards the Karakoram mountain range, traveling along the highest road in the world, which passes through Khardung la (la: step in Tibetan) with its 5602m altitude. On the other side of the Ladakh mountain range, we will arrive in the Nubra Valley, a little lower than Leh, with higher temperatures during the day.

We will arrive at our accommodations in this most remote region of Ladakh, and then we will visit the monastery of the village where we will stay, Diskit, and walk through the nature of the valley, to the dunes of Hunder, which even has camels! The surrounding mountains have different characteristics and shapes than the Indus valley in Leh.

* Important to have our passports in hand when we go to Nubra

8th Day 5-Aug.-2022 Fri NUBRA NUBRA

Sumur Village

Chorten Ladakh Nubra Valley
Chorten Secmol Ladakh 20140715_142813 md
Chorten India Ladakh Nubra 973 md

We will have a very welcome day in this quieter part of Ladakh. We will visit a region on the other side of the Nubra Valley, where the village of Sumur is located. We have some options for our day: we can visit a school (you can bring some school supplies from Brazil if you want to give a gift to the children or the school), the monastery in the region, go for a walk. There are even hot springs for those who are excited and want to enter! We returned to our camp, with rooms very well structured for the standards of this more remote region, to enjoy another night in the mountains.

9th Day 6-Aug.-2022 Sat NUBRA PANGONG TSO

trip to the lake

Chorten Ladakh Pangong Tso 2

Today we will travel for a good part of the day, to an even more remote region that literally borders Tibet. Pangong Tso (tso = lake in Tibetan) is one of the high-altitude lakes of the Tibetan plateau. That region on the other side of the Himalayas where Ladakh and Tibet are. Part of the lake is in Ladakh and part in Tibet. Like some of these lakes, it's a salt lake! 60 million years ago when the plate of what is now India met Asia, the Himalayas appeared. In the mountain range we find shells, corals (today in the necklaces of the Tibetans and Ladakhis) and some of its lakes were formed with the sea water itself, now so far away. Opportunity to sleep in a place like this today is quite rare and special, yes? Let's enjoy our end of the day on the banks and with the view of Pangong Tso.

10th Day 7-Aug.-2022 Sun PANGONG TSO LEH



Chorten Ladakh (6)

Time to head back to Leh, waking up early, on the way with approx. 3 and a half hours of travel, all going well it is possible that we will have the opportunity to attend a festival in a small important special called Takthok. This is an opportunity to participate in the ancient cultural activities of the people of this region of the world. With more approx. 1h we return to Leh with the end of the day free to walk and enjoy the city's cafes and market.

11th Day 8-Aug.-2022 Mon LEH AGRA


car travel

Chorten 4 Delhi 04 - 2

Time to say goodbye to Ladakh, with another beautiful flight back to Delhi.

We will dedicate our day to get to Agra. We will have lunch in Delhi and then, depending on traffic, in approx. At 5:XNUMX am we will arrive at our hotel for a good rest.

12th Day 9-Aug.-2022 Tue AGRA DELHI

Taj Mahal

The Red Fort

Chorte Agra Red Fort 2
Chorte Agra Red Fort md

Today we will wake up very early for our visit to the Taj Mahal during sunrise. Built by Shah Jahan for his wife, Muntaz Mahal, in the 20th century. XVII, thousands of workers and architects from different regions of the world, for XNUMX years, used the famous white marble from India and precious stones. Very early in the morning, in addition to the possibility of a beautiful light, it is also calmer than during the day. Our local guide will tell you many stories about this monument. Return to the hotel for a good breakfast.

After our breakfast, we will visit the Red Fort. This Red Fort, more beautiful and with more history than the one in Delhi, began to be built by Babur, the first Mughal emperor, in the XNUMXth century. XVI. We will visit its gardens, public and private audience halls, mosque and rooms, including where Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his son and what Akbar built for his son, with symbols of all the main religious and philosophical traditions of the time. After this visit, we will travel back to Delhi.

13th Day 10-Aug.-2022 Wed DELHI DELHI

Old Delhi

Raj Ghat

Gurudwara bangla sahib

Chorten India Delhi Old Delhi 2
Chorten 4 Delhi 03 - md
Chorten Delhi Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Back to New Delhi, actually one of the cities that existed in different times and empires in a succession of neighboring cities. Today we will visit the seventh Delhi, built by Shah Jahan, one of the great Mughal emperors we have just met in Agra, at the time known as Shajahanabad. Today we call it Old Delhi or Old Delhi. We will visit the Emperor's Great Mosque, the Jama Masjid, and walk through the old bazaar where we will discover a beautiful ancient Jain temple.

On the way back to our hotel area, we will pay tribute to the memorial where Gandhi was cremated, Raj Ghat. We will see what was his last word, a sign of great accomplishment on his spiritual path. Those who like photographs, look for images made by Cartier-Bresson, one of the great photographers that ever existed, who was in Delhi that day.

And then, we will conclude our visits in the capital of India, in a Sikh temple, a religion from the XNUMXth century. XVI and Punjab region. At the beautiful Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, we will listen to their chants, observe their prayers inside the temple and around a sacred pool. We will also be able to visit the kitchen where volunteers provide meals to thousands of people daily, regardless of social class and religion.

We will have time for one more visit or, if you prefer, free time to enjoy the end of the day in Delhi.

14th Day 11-Aug.-2022 Thu DELHI London

Final transfer with assistance

Mosque of Sheesh Gumbad, Lodhi Gardens

Time to return to Brazil after these days of traveling in India. We hope that you have lived and are taking back to Brazil remarkable experiences, of significant support for our lives.

Our hotel is available until noon tomorrow. So, you can choose, according to your preferences and availability of flights, whether you fly from today to tomorrow, during the day or night of tomorrow.

11AGO British Airways BA0256 DELHI 10:25 London 16:00

15 th Day 12-Aug.-2022 Fri London London

16th Day 13-Aug.-2022 Sat London London

17 th Day 14-Aug.-2022 Sun London São Paulo

14AGO British Airways BA0247 London 22:05 São Paulo 05:45