Shelf life

– Very important: your passport must have validity more than 6 months after the last day of travel.

– To issue a new passport: well in advance of the trip, please follow the step-by-step instructions explained on the Federal Police website at this link: It is important to consider that in some cities the appointment may take a while.

Send photo or scan

- It might be scanned like a photo from cell phone or digital camera if sharp enough (photo and text). Extra care regarding the sharpness of the photo or scan when traveling to India, Bhutan and/or Tibet, due to the requirements of their governments and embassies.

– We just need the page with your data (name, photo, passport number, etc.) and vaccine certificate (below).

Name and surname

– Very important: it is not always that in our passport the last name (on the first line of the page with our data) is considered only our last last name or the one we are used to. Sometimes it's just the last one and sometimes it's more than one including some middle names. It is very important to send your data, first and last name, in your registration form for the exactly how in the passport to avoid serious problems such as non-boarding, cancellation of reservations and then possible non-availability of a seat on domestic and international flights.

– For the same reasons, the same care applies in case of issuing a new passport: Your reservations need to be made from the beginning with your new passport name as they cannot be changed later. Check with the Federal Police that your name and surname will not change on the new passport. If your name has changed for any reason, such as marriage or separation, extra care with these procedures is very necessary. In this case it is important that you let us know, please.

Yellow fever vaccine certificate

– In your passport we must staple your international voucher of yellow fever vaccine (taken more than 10 days before the start of the trip and valid), on the last page and no longer on the back cover where in new passports there is a chip that cannot be damaged with the staple.

– More information on the page Vaccines (for the exclusive use of Chörten Travellers): here

Entrance to airports and train travel

OK we create the habit of: whenever we leave the hotel for the airport or travel by train, we always have our passport in the same safe and easily accessible place. This is to facilitate entry to the airport (when we are getting out of our transfer vehicle, taking care of our bags, there can be a queue, saying goodbye to the local representative and thinking about the next steps of the trip). Good habits of experienced travelers can greatly facilitate and help our tranquility and the quality of our travel experiences.