Initial payment

For Travel with Brazilian Specialists

  • Market: as indicated in 'Payment Method' on the trip's 'Services and Prices' page

Used for:

  • Firstly, together with the registration form and copy of the passport: confirm your place on the trip

When the trip is confirmed (with the minimum number of Travellers), the signal will also be used for:

  • Confirmation of hotel reservations
  • Issuance of train tickets and 'domestic' flights (according to the itinerary of each trip)
  • As cancellation policies of the above service providers begin to be considered (explained on the Services and Values ​​page for your trip) from this moment on.

With Logistics and Independent Travel Organization or with Support from Local Operators

Exchange (only for Brazilians)

Explained in more detail on the Services and Prices page for your Trip with a Brazilian Specialist and for other Travel here