Promotional Rates

Airlines sometimes offer discounted rates.


Important informations about promotional rates:


  • they can follow available for days like one minute to another can end up in the travel dates;


  • These tickets must be issued by the airline's website by the passenger;


  • Very important: changes Dates such as cancellations on these promotional rates quite often have quite high fines. So it's important to use them when we're pretty sure of the travel dates. We have already seen a few times, for example, to change the return date of a promotional ticket, it is better not to use the return and issue a new ticket;


  • The management of reserve, such as seats, special food, etc., needs to be made by the passenger;


  • Needs to be seen with the airline if it is possible to fit parts within Brazil, such as from BH, POA, etc. to SP and back, so connections are safer, being part of the same ticket, and the international baggage weight limit can be maintained on the stretch within Brazil.


If you need help choosing flights, dates just right, let me know, okay?


We will always give you a quote, with all the care and management of the reservation by us, for you. These will be the best common rates, with all benefits, available at the time.