Transfer to the return flight to Brazil

Minimum advance

Generally speaking, airlines ask for at least 3 hours in advance to present ourselves at check-in for international flights.


To avoid problems and/or stress with unforeseen events, so common in these countries, such as: blocking of streets, avenues and roads due to VIPs`, `bands` which are decrees for the closure of commerce and no circulation of vehicles in the city, bureaucracy or queue at the hotel check-out, problems even with ours vehicle, representative (we explain how we take care of these points below), works on the way (very common), change of procedures at airports, problems with reservation of seats by the airline, forgetting something at the hotel (such as cell phone charger, documents) and the list stretches every month for these last nearly 20 jobs.

Local representatives suggestion

Even though we work with the best local representatives in each region, it is not always that they think and take care of what makes the trip go smoothly and, at the most, without problems. Due to their mentality, different professionalism or inexperience, they can suggest times that do not have unforeseen events, such as avoiding stress or problems that are so frequent if not well taken care of. So, problems happen, so often, and mostly for you, Traveller, in the form of rushing, tiredness, combination with more unforeseen events, and so on.

We recommend

calculate from arrive at the airport, free of charge, 3:30 am in advance.


Time to close your suitcase and other necessary procedures in these countries:

  • Passport checked at the exit of the hotel in an easily accessible place upon arrival at the airport together with the eticket
  • printed ticket (preferably) or on your cell phone if guaranteed easy offline access (that is, even if the internet doesn't pick up on time) and with your full name (some pages on the airline's app or website do not have our names) to be able to enter the airport
  • Lithium batteries (power banks, etc) in the small handbag
  • Objects sharp, piercing (one trim, traveling knife, etc.), liquids in non-transparent and non-small bottles in the large checked bag
  • Check-out: preferably with bills (not checkout) paid the night before or before breakfast
  • transfer tip: on here
  • Route
    – Delhi: 30min in the morning / during the day approx. 50min (slightly less or more depending on time)
    – Kathmandu: at dawn 15min / during the day 20 to 40min (depending on traffic)
  • Possible airport lines
    – Delhi to enter the airport (from time to time) and check-in (has been common)
    – Kathmandu for x-ray and check-in

we can take care together

  • We will be in contact and one day before we will arrange a time that we suggest and, according to the travel preferences of each Traveler, the time you prefer to go to the airport. The best time is not necessarily the time suggested by the local representative as explained above. Sometimes better and you can arrange directly with your local representative. You can always count on us. How to work better and therefore make it easier for you.
  • With less than 24 hours it is possible that there is no way to change time with the local representative

Online check-in

Anyone who can easily and prefers to check-in online:

  • Important to see the considerations about online check-in in app or airline website
  • As travelling we don't always have easy access to printers, it's print boarding pass can be requested at airport check-in counters
  • possible to have bag delivery counter for those who have checked in online, how is it possible that we have to join the same queue as the regular check-in
  • Pay attention to the time in advance that the airline will require for those who have checked in online. We suggest adding half an hour and freely consider the above information on this page