Travel in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet

Way to travel in Europe, Brazil and North America

while it is possible travel the way we travel in countries with the structure, economic conditions, social and mentality of these regions of the world, when traveling in this way in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, whether with regard to preparations or during the trip, there is a significant chance of if you have a job around here, fatigue, sometimes great, and wear. Regarding the precautions we take, there are great chances that even not taking these precautions will work out well with a good part of these aspects of the trip.

way we travel around here

it's just a quiet way to travel around here for, therefore, we make the best use of our experiences and opportunities.. Tires from traveling here with the mentality and as if we were in Europe, Brazil and North America happen one after the other. Even with all precautions, there are still a few situations to be taken care of during the trip. If we understand that here is another world, so there is another way to organize a trip and travel, mentally and logistically, the experiences here are much more likely to be delicious, enjoyed, fun, peaceful, not to mention the rare learning opportunities.


Points above are one hundred percent opportunity to choice of each Traveller! If it helps to talk by phone or Whatsapp, just let us know, please. Ever.


Some precautions we take may seem at first like more work. Our experience accompanying and organizing trips for hundreds of Brazilians over the last 18 years makes us understand that the opposite is true: time saving, fatigue, wear and tear, cultural shock many times. With everything in order, just enjoy what is special in these countries and cultures with millenary knowledge, in one way or another we can learn from the experiences around here. The form explained above is as suggested!