Chörten Traveller

As we see

It is part of the way we travel and work to see you as a Traveller and not as a tourist. We explain some reasons for this:


These regions where we work, travel and live have much more to offer than just the tourism experience. To understand their histories and cultures, we need understand the worldviews of your peoples, which are behind and present in each of the characteristics of their countries, such as their structures and possible services on the trip.


So we can summarize the importance of such an attitude in a utilization much better, from their experiences and days before, during and after the trip. Equally important, understanding how to travel in these countries avoids: health problems, quite common among travelers who do not understand these different cultural and structural characteristics of these regions, security problems, unnecessary cultural shocks, no better use of local services and tours, possible wear and tear at the end of the days they can and usually do, if not anticipated and cared for, accumulate and spoil a trip, as we hear and see so often.


From the beginning of your travel arrangements, sometimes more indirectly, sometimes quite clearly, we will make sure that together you understand and thus learn to travel in these countries in a way that we consider to be with more quality, excellent performance and, certainly, remarkable experiences with valuable Learnings that we will use in our daily lives when we return to Brazil.