Courses in these countries during the Trip

Masters, institutes, ashrams and monasteries

To help in a possible and meaningful contact with the mind training traditions of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, we have organized two pages with information about teachers, institutes, ashrams and monasteries they offer courses and teachings in India and Nepal mainly, already prepared with translations, courses and sometimes stay (most of the times quite simple) for us westerners.

Being Careful with Dharma

There are different ways to signify and understand the word Dharma according to each tradition and context. Quite simply we can understand as teachings or method for training and understanding about our mind. They are very special and profound teachings, so it is very important that we have enough Be careful not to mix up the work of organizing Chörten's trips and these important teachings are often offered on a voluntary basis., unrelated to payment. The way to support and organize these courses, in general, is through a voluntary contribution (often suggested) to fund the structure, material, very simple lives of teachers and volunteers who usually make institutes, ashrams and monasteries exist and can offer such significant opportunities.


Thus, it is in Chörten's interest to support your experience, contact and learning with these masters and their methods, but as friends. Precisely because these teachings are so important in our lives. This support and motivation is not part of the formal aspect of Chörten's services, which will support the logistics of your trip. Anything directly related to Dharma, please see us as friends, who for so many years have already volunteered in Buddhist centers in Brazil, Europe, India and Nepal, we will be very happy if you have this kind of experience and learning as well. We will never commercialize the Dharma and I believe this will be made clear in our conversations.

Communication with institutes, ashrams and monasteries

As explained above, we will support your contact with these institutes, ashrams and monasteries in the best possible way. We'll look at the information together, we can write, even call, if it's helpful to have this information to help with your trip. We consider it important, as they usually recommend:

  • you traveller too take a look at the available information about each tradition, its teachings, approach to the Dharma, method, courses, structure for courses, stay, so on;
  • You Traveller make the communication with course organizers because, in this process, they will exchange all important information that will help you to make the best use of your experience on these days. You can always, of course, copy us in the emails and so we can think together, we can also talk, surely.
  • Please understand that there are usually no institutions with paid employees with a structure that will respond to all emails quickly, it's common that it takes a few days to respond, sometimes they don't even respond. We're here to help. If I need to call to see if everything is ok and confirmed;
  • we are here to support, think together, talk, please count on us!


Here are two lists of courses that can be taken before, during or after your travel program on: