Little Self-Care Guide

A gift to Chörten Travelers

Generously designed and offered by a great travel friend, Raquel Adriana Rech:

  • travel preparation
  • During flight
  • When stepping in the east
  • Jet Lag / Time Zone Adaptation
  • After days of walking
  • When the weather challenges
  • When everything goes to the head
  • When food is deceiving
  • For women
  • Breath
  • The eyes and the look

About the Author

Raquel Adriana Rech holds a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Neijing School, where she also specialized in the Classic of Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Zhen Jiu Jia Yi Jing), studied with Sinologist Elisabeth Rochat, Chinese Diet Therapy at Faculdade Ebramec, and
has been operating in Rio de Janeiro for over 12 years.

He trained in Dakshina Tantra Yoga and Palliative Care and has practiced Tibetan Buddhism for a long time. Currently, she associates
their personal experiences with the formal knowledge acquired, having as basic premises the acceptance of human suffering and their path to overcome it.

May all beings benefit!


To my great friend Raquel Rech, for such and significant generosity, walking partnership, such good conversations and learning. Raquel also works online:

Our thanks to this very beautiful work of the model Thamyrys Argenta:

From the photographer and graphic designer Marina Bastos:

Very Good Care and Travel!

Availability to More Friends

After idealizing and creating this incredible guide by Raquel Rech, the idea arose to work more on the content and design, in order to make it available to more friends and Travelers. Soon we will have information about where more friends can buy it online. We'll share that information here so we can share it with more friends!

May all beings benefit!