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From December 27, 2017 to January 14, 2018

Summary Itinerary

1 o Day Arrival MUMBAI
19 o Day DELHI Extension or return to Brazil

Detailed Itinerary

1st Day December 27, 2017 Wed Arrival MUMBAI


chorten mumbai-1

Arrival during this day or night after two flights from Brazil. Your transfer is made with the assistance of our local representatives who will be in contact by phone or Whatsapp with Silvia Meireles, travel specialist, and/or with Guilherme Samel, director of Chörten, so that we can assist you with the that you need. After checking in at the hotel, we deserved a break to start our schedule tomorrow. If your route and flight schedules happen to arrive in Mumbai in the morning, there is the possibility of a walk around the area near the hotel in the afternoon.

2nd Day Dec 28, 2017 Thurs MUMBAI MUMBAI

India Portal
elephant island

Chorten Mumbai 5
Chorten Mumbai Elephanta
Chorten Mumbai Elephanta

After our breakfast we will have a briefing to remember important tips and practical information on how to travel in India with peace of mind, safety and quality. Ready for our first visit, we will walk to the Gateway of India, a gateway built at the beginning of the century. past to celebrate the coming of the English royal family. We will pass by the historic Taj hotel built by the famous Indian Tata family, of the Zoroastrian or Parsi tradition. During this afternoon we will make a beautiful trip to Elephanta Island, where we will arrive by boat to visit two groups of caves and temples. These temples were carved in the rocks of the island between the century. V and VIII. One group is from the Hindu Shivaist tradition and the other is Buddhist. We will see many beautiful statues also carved into these rocks. Walk around the island and then return to Mumbai during sunset on the Arabian Sea.

3rd Day 29-Dec-2017 Fri MUMBAI MUMBAI

Mahalakshmi Temple
Haji Ali Dargah Mosque
Kailvalyadhama Yoga Institute

Chorten Mumbai Lakshmi 6
chorten mumbai
Chorten Mumbai Kailvalyadhama

We have one more day to get to know Mumbai. We will pass historic buildings in the city and visit two important temples. The temple of Mahalakshmi, century. XVIII, is one of the most important temples in Mumbai. Dedicated to the Hindu goddess of beauty and wealth, it is also dedicated to the goddesses Mahakali and Mahasaraswati, wrathful and wisdom aspects of the female deity energy. It is a great opportunity to observe and experience the devotion (bhakt) of Indian culture. Next to the temple is a XNUMXth century mosque. XV, dedicated to a Muslim saint who, when he was a merchant, gave up his material possessions before his pilgrimage to Mecca. We will get to know a little about Muslim devotion in general, as well as Muslims in the Sufi tradition. This afternoon we will have the opportunity to visit the Kailvalyadhama Yoga Institute. Our days are organized in a very calm way so that we can, as much as possible, visit the city calmly, walk, have good contact with the local culture during the days of our trip. In the late afternoon, it is quite pleasant to walk along Marine Drive, an avenue on the edge of Mumbai, where at this time the Indians do their physical exercises.

4th day 30-dec-2017 sat MUMBAI LONAVLA

Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute Programming

Chorten Lonavala 10 pg
Chorten Lonavala 11p

In the morning we will take a car trip, approx. 3h, to the western ghats (mountains in this case), more precisely to the city of Lonavala, a little higher (600 m) than Mumbai. We'll check in at our hotel and then, after our lunch, we'll start with the first activity on the schedule organized by Silvia Meireles and the yoga institutes she studied. Kailvalyadhama is a traditional yoga institute with a scientific approach, which allows us to know more about this ancient system of philosophy, therapies and practices. There too, whoever is interested, it will be possible to experience, for example, an authentic Ayurvedic massage (the latter as an optional activity not included). We will also have the opportunity to participate in the pujas at the ashram in the mornings and evenings.

5 th Day 31-Dec-2017 Sun LONAVLA LONAVLA

Programming Institute Yoga Kailvalyadhama
cave tour

Chorten Lonavala 2
Chorten Lonavala 20p

Last day of the year this year, in the morning we will have this enlightened opportunity to conclude this cycle during the second activity of the program at the Kailvalyadhama Institute. In the afternoon we will visit another group of caves and temples in the region. These were carved by Buddhist monks from the Indian lineage that is now known as Theravada. Built between the century. II and V, possibly the oldest altar dating from the century. II BC His sculptures, pillars and stupa (in Tibetan: chörten) were also carved from the very rock that gave rise to these temples and monasteries. Since today is New Year, it is likely that we will finish our schedule a little earlier. In our hotel, we already have an end-of-the-year dinner. We will meet to celebrate the New Year, starting 2018 off on the right foot, hands together in the mudra of greeting, thanks, a tranquil heart and the best possible aspirations for more this amazing year!

6 th Day 1-Jan-2018 Mon LONAVLA LONAVLA

Programming Institute Yoga Kailvalyadhama
Translation and Research Institute

Chorten Lonavala 22

The ashram routine continues on this first morning of the year and, with our third activity, we will complete our schedule. In the afternoon we have another activity, we will talk with researchers and scholars of classic yoga texts. Tomorrow we will continue our journey through other regions of India.

7 th Day 2-Jan-2018 Tue LONAVLA PUNE

Iyengar Institute
Ganesh Temple
Gandhi Memorial
Ramakrishna temple

Chorten Pune p
chorten pune ramkrishna
Chorten Pune dagdusheth-halwai-ganpati-temple

On our way to North India, in the morning we will take a trip of approx. 2h to the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra. Pune was an important city of the Maratha Empire of Shivaji, which in the century. XVII fought the Mughal Empire, is known as the cultural capital of the region, famous for the large number of educational institutions. It is also home to the institute of the founder of an important yoga school, Iyengar, the resort (which he prefers to ashram) of Osho, and where Gandhi was imprisoned during India's liberation movement. We will visit a temple at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, a Ganesh temple, the Aga Khan palace and a Ramakrishna temple to understand a little about their history, their traditions and, if possible, talk with their students.

8 th Day 3-Jan-2018 Wed PUNE DELHI

Hare Krishna Temple

Chorten Delhi Lotus
chorten delhi iskcon

Transfer to Pune airport for our flight to Delhi. On our first day in the capital of India we will visit two temples. The beautiful Lotus Temple of the Persian religion called Bahá'í, founded in the XNUMXth century. XIX in ancient Persia, where everyone is invited to be silent. An interesting experience in the middle of this great city. We will also visit a temple of the famous ISKCON organization, known as Hare Krishna, devotees of this eighth avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu.

9 th Day 4-Jan-2018 Thurs DELHI DELHI

Old Delhi
Raj Ghat
Gurudwara bangla sahib
Gandhi Smiriti

Chorten India Delhi Old Delhi 2
Chorten 4 Delhi 03 - md
Chorten Delhi Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Delhi is actually a succession of cities built by different empires. We stayed in New Delhi, built by the British, and today we will visit an older part of the city, Old Delhi. Built in the century. XVI by the same Mughal emperor of the Taj Mahal, the Shah Jahan, we will visit his mosque called Jama Masjid, an ancient bazaar, a small temple of the Jain religion and the Lahore Gate. On the way back to the inner city we will be able to pay our respects to the great soul, Mahatma Gandhi, at his Raj Ghat memorial. We will see the terrace built in the century. XX, called Rajpath, where the India Gate is, on the way to our visit to a temple of the Sikhi religion. Sikismo was founded in the century. XV in the Punjab region by the first of its 10 masters, Guru Nanak. We will end our visits at the last house where Gandhi lived, known as the Birla House. Today a museum called Gandhi Smiriti, which tells its story.

10 th Day 5-Jan-2018 Fri DELHI RISHIKESH

Ram Jhula
Aarti Ceremony

Chorten 1 Rishikesh 09 md
Chorten Rishikesh Aarti

Early in the morning we take our train for approx. 5:40 am to Haridwar, nearest station to Rishikesh. Riding the train in India is an experience that cannot be missed and an excellent opportunity to chat with Indian families, observe the villages and fields on the way. Our local representatives will assist us with our arrival and then we will continue for approx. XNUMXmin to our hotel. After check-in and lunch we can take a walk through the Ram Jhula region. Jhulas are the suspension bridges, in this case over the Ganges, which on the other side, on its bank, we will participate in the Aarti puja conducted by students of the Parmarth Niketan ashram during sunset.

11 th Day 6-Jan-2018 Sat RISHIKESH RISHIKESH


Chorten Rishikesh Kunjapuri
Chorten 1 Rishikesh 11 md
Chorten India Rishikesh 523 md

Today we will climb the Himalayas with our vehicle for approx. 40min to a temple on top of a mountain, at 1676m altitude. The Kunjapuri temple is dedicated to the goddess Durga and is one of the 13 places of power (Shakti Peethas) in this region. If the weather is clear, we will see a beautiful view with the snowy mountains in the background. Back in Rishikesh, we will visit another important center of Vedanta study, the ashram of Swami Dayananda. We will have the opportunity to converse with the resident Swami and then participate in one of the pujas in the temple overlooking the Ganges.

12 th Day 7-Jan-2018 Sun RISHIKESH RISHIKESH

Free time

Chorten Rishikesh Vasistha
Chorten 1 Rishikesh 06 3019 1770 home
Chorten 1 Rishikesh 01 p2 md

After our breakfast, just beyond Rishikesh, we will visit the cave of a Vedic sage, one of the great seven Rishis of India, named Vashistha. It is always a very special experience to be able to pay tribute to the great yogis, to sit in the same place where he lived and meditated during the winters. We can also walk along the beach next door, on the bank of the Ganges. Whoever gets excited, a very special (extra) tour is to discover the region through the Ganges itself, with a rafting. Due to its waters, which are quite clean here, we follow through the mountains to the region of Lakshman Jhula. If you prefer, it is also possible to take advantage of free time to walk around the region, for example, at Lakshman Jhula, with bookstores, Hindu goods stores and restaurants, and then meet later, at an agreed time, for our yoga practice.

13 th Day 8-Jan-2018 Mon RISHIKESH DELHI

Free afternoon

Chorten Delhi Rajpath

Early in the morning we took our train from Haridwar back to Delhi. We will check in at our hotel and now, already familiar with the region, we can enjoy an afternoon at leisure to return to some of the places we visited and we would like to spend more time, getting to know a new place, as each traveler prefers. It is common in Delhi to have excellent classical music and dance performances. Let's check the cultural agenda of the days we are in the city and then we can organize ourselves to go together in one of these cultural centers.

14 th Day 9-Jan-2018 Tue DELHI AGRA

The Red Fort

Chorte Agra Red Fort 2
Chorte Agra Red Fort md

On a new road we will travel, approx. 5:XNUMX until Agra. We'll do our check-in, lunch, and then we'll tour Red Fort. This Red Fort, more beautiful and with more history than the one in Delhi, began to be built by Babur, the first Mughal emperor, in the century. XVI. We will see the various phases of Mughal architecture and art, walking through the history of this empire during our visit. We will have the opportunity to visit a workshop with artisans descended from the same ones who worked at the Taj, with the suggestion that we sleep early for our visit the next morning.

15 th Day 10-Jan-2018 Wed AGRA VARANASI

Taj Mahal


A very good time to visit the Taj Mahal is during sunrise. Built by Shah Jahan in the 22th century for his wife Mumtaz Mahal, this architectural work in white marble, precious and semi precious stones, made by thousands of men and architects from around the world for 2 years, is an example of sophistication of Mughal culture. On the banks of the Yamuna River in the complex's garden, we will listen to stories and curious facts about this monument. Back to the hotel for a good breakfast, time to pack our bags for a flight across the Gangetic plain that will take us back over XNUMX years in the history of Indian civilization, to the holiest city in Hinduism.

16 th Day 11-Jan-2018 Thu VARANASI VARANASI

Ganges Sunrise
Durga temple
Benares University
arti puja

Chorten India Varanasi Ganges Ghats md
Chorten Varanasi 108
Chorten Varanasi 628 md

Today we will wake up very early for a very beautiful tour. Before sunrise we will go to the ghats (stairways on the banks of the rivers) on the Ganges and, with a rowboat, go upstream and watch the sun god rise on one side of the bank and Hindu pilgrims of all on the other. regions of India performing their pujas (rituals) to the gods Surya, Ganga and Shiva. This image and experience has been going on for millennia, with very little difference from what it was like at the beginning of what is one of the oldest living cities on our planet. Through the waters of the goddess Ganga, we'll retrace our path to a ghat further on, where we'll disembark to walk through the alleys of the oldest part of the city. Filled with temples, offerings, mantras and incense, this is a very special contact with Hindu culture. We return to our hotel for a good breakfast and then continue with our visits through Varanasi.

We will visit a very special temple dedicated to one of the wrathful manifestations of the female deity, the goddess Durga. Then we will have contact with an area of ​​the city with very little contact with foreigners, the campus of the former University of Benares, the old name of the city. We'll take a short tour of their museum and then walk to the campus temple, dedicated to the god Shiva. This is an interesting way and opportunity to have contact with Indians in their daily lives. After visiting the campus we will walk through the ghats of Varanasi, with boys playing cricket, sadhus (ascetics), pujas and temples, to the main ghat where, at the end of the day, we will attend a fire ceremony, the Aarti Puja, performed by young brahmanis (caste of priests).

17 th Day 12-Jan-2018 Fri VARANASI VARANASI

Free afternoon

Chorten India Varanasi Sarnath 910p md
Chorten India Sarnath 229
Chorten Sarnath Alice 1 - md p

Today we will continue to a region close to Varanasi, very quiet. Sarnath is the place where Buddha, after becoming enlightened in Bodhgaya, met his fellow practitioners and taught for the first time in the deer park. As in the other three holiest sites in Buddhism, there are temples of traditions from different regions of the world. In one of them, from Sri Lanka, there are very beautiful paintings depicting the life of the Buddha, a statue with his relics and a Bodhi tree (ficus religiosa), relative of the tree under which Buddha sat for 7 days and became enlightened. In the Buddhist tradition it is quite auspicious that we circumumbular three or more times sacred objects that represent our essence, the nature of our minds. In the place where he taught the Four Noble Truths, a stupa (in Tibean: chörten) was built by Emperor Ashoka where we will observe pilgrims doing their practices, we can sit for a while as well as do our yoga practice on the lawn. The end of the day is free for each traveler to enjoy it as they prefer. Staying in tranquil Sarnath, returning to the Ganges ghats, shopping, reading, as best you can to enjoy your time in this amazing city.

18 th Day 13-Jan-2018 Sat VARANASI DELHI

Free afternoon

Chorten Delhi
Chorten Delhi Crafts 449 md

Today we fly back to our well-known Delhi. Last free afternoon to get ready for the trip back to Brazil, walk, visit a place we really like or want to know, buy a souvenir of India or even, if there is in the city's cultural agenda, some presentation of classical Indian music or dance.

19 th Day 14-Jan-2018 Sun DELHI Flight

Transfer with assistance to the airport during your flight back to Brazil.