At the airport complex:

  • The hotel we most recommend is the Holiday Inn Aerocity Delhi: for having a great transfer service (as far as possible for services in these countries), often already included in the rates (check), clean, good food, breakfast, room, good bathroom.
  • A slightly more economical option is the Ibis Aerocity Delhi: the difference in value is not very big when we consider the value of transfers, the quality of the Ibis transfer and the quality of the breakfast (good but not as good as the Holiday Inn). Room is very nice. Bathroom a little simpler.
  • There is a hotel that usually offers good rates, which is the The Pride Aerocity Delhi: breakfast and room very good. Have shuttle services.. not as organized and tip firm as the Holiday Inn.
  • There is a hotel with very small but very clean room inside the airport. We recommend it to anyone who wants to save money and/or doesn't have enough time to leave the airport building. Value is per hour and worth it for a few hours.
  • There is also sleeping cabins in the area of ​​the departure gates, by the hour.
  • And Holiday Inn inside the area of ​​the departure gates, this one per hour and with much higher value than the hotels in the airport complex (aerocity).
  • Urban between hotels in the airport complex and the airport terminals (carefully checking your arrival and departure terminals) it is usually more worthwhile to make use of the hotel's own services. Between the hotel and the city center there is a subway (5min walking from the hotels and very economical), as well as the hotel's transport services, which are practical (with a slightly higher price).

More central regions of the city:

  • Connaught Place region is quite practical. A good value for money is the hotel. the hans (request the best of the two room categories) and the The Met (former Metropolitan) also very convenient and great structure. Le Meridien is a little higher value, very good, sometimes with excellent fare especially in low season.
  • Main Bazaar region of Paharganj (be careful that today there are many hotels in more remote areas in Paharganj even but not close to the Main Bazaar) is very simple, where backpackers stay, with food of course more delicate, not guaranteed like us hotels above. If you really prefer, we recommend the Natraj Yes Please (There is Yes Please also from the same owner but Natraj is more relaxed, very close to each other).
  • question of Services between the airport and more central hotels which is more delicate. If bigger hotel, better structure, better chances of the transfer organized by them work. If with smaller hotels... we will need a bigger spirit of travel in India, with its unforeseen and so on.