“Problem solving”: techniques help to reorganize brain and increase production

“Problem solving”: techniques help to reorganize brain and increase production

Written by: Bibianna Teodori

When we have something to solve, we tend to focus on the problem. We question what went wrong or why it didn't. This approach can work in many situations, especially the simplest ones. However, in more complex ones, focusing on the problem can make things even more complicated or lead us to develop a repetitive and unproductive thought pattern.

When we put ourselves in this state, it is much more difficult to have focus, clarity and objectivity to see solutions. Focusing on solutions does not mean ignoring the problem, but approaching it in a more positive and productive way. We do this when we follow the following procedures:

– Check what is working and what we can learn from it to use in other situations; focus on strengths and how to make the most of them
– Emphasize challenges, opportunities and gains rather than problems, risks and losses
– Focus on the present and future rather than the past. This is equivalent to changing “what I should have done” to “what I can do going forward”.

In addition, with a focus on solutions, you can:

– Swap worry for action
– Adopt a much more proactive posture
– Increase belief in your ability to perform
– Raise self-esteem, self-confidence and self-motivation
– Improve your ability to solve problems faster, more effectively and more creatively.


Full text in Harvard Business Review Brazil: www.hbrbr.com.br/blog-post/problem-solving-techniques-help-reorganize-brain-and-increase-production#sthash.kNzUJVCe.dpuf