Dear Chorten Traveler,




And sharing some points about this last year.


It was very good in many ways, especially with regard to the amount of Learnings because of the amount of changes in this last year, as never before in these 18 years of work here in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet – new forms of communication and consequent communication qualities (Whatsapp has changed a lot, a lot), quality and formats of local services, from hotels to representatives in each region, and so on. A very good season also because, possibly, it was possible to circumvent numerous unforeseen events, extremely common and frequent around here, 'news', of various types and levels of importance, in a satisfactory or, sometimes, even encouraging way. Perhaps precisely because of the work model chosen for Chörten since its inception, as a result of our experience working with travel here for so many years and the line of reasoning: it is more important to be here, in these countries, close to everyday life here, hotels, means of transport, local representatives and, most importantly, you Travelers, who are in Brazil offering, which is also very positive, a bigger structure in some city there.  

time to understand

I confess it took a lot time to understand these several changes, consequences and, even longer, possible solutions. Only after many trips, Travelers, individual, in group, with and without the accompaniment of Brazilian experts, meeting with 99% of you at some point and for some time during your trip, and a certain good time intentionally not taking care of more trips nor mounting new trips, these many points became clear.


first i would like to to thank for traveling with us. Your confidence, partnership as Travelers and, of course, patience. Thank you very much. I hope that we were able to offer a good service or the best possible service within the possibilities of our chosen work structure (like all of them with their points to improve and qualities), consequent limitations and capabilities, and that, when there were unforeseen events, we were able to circumvent them. .


I did not enter touch rather, (1) how do we build a professional relationship but also friendship when we travel together through these countries, our conversations are not usually just technical, but about subjects that travel here inspires, provokes, and I needed some time to focus on understanding the work we offer and can offer from this season onwards. Along with this reason, also because (2) I am more willing to return with some solutions in practice.



inform and availability

Clearly, Chörten started along this line, and today we live even longer in times when we need report, inform and inform. Still, today, not be enough! In other words, a lot of information. But not only inform as much as possible, but in the best possible way. So the Chörten website is up to date with a lot of information and will clearly be heading in that direction. Whatever you need and whatever we can think of that might be of help on your travels, a new page, line, paragraph, photo will be created along with a quick link to that exact information. At the same time this information will be available all the time to Chörten Travelers, before, during and (soon) after the trips. Thus, it is not necessary to read all the information at once, or remember all the information that we discussed in the briefing, but in your time, at the moment, when and if it is of help in any step of the preparations and during your trip. The checklist is now 100% in line with all this structure (quick links) and practical information to support your experiences here. As well as the site menu (under Traveler) and page: traveler.chorten.com.br/#inicio, as internet access while traveling is now, if not all the time while traveling, practically daily.

prepared and informed

One point is surely clearer every year: a Traveler prepared and supported enjoy your experiences here in a much greater and better proportion than otherwise, and it is with this focus that we always seek to offer our work, more and more.


That's it… in addition to all the care taken with the travel program and preparations, Chörten will continue to walk more and more along this line of information. A combination of agency, operator and guide (those that were printed) of travel specifically in these four countries, sharing our experience and dedicated to making your trip as easy as possible. Always accompanying you, Chörten Travelers as closely as possible.

whatsapp and email

We are, at this moment, analyzing each information exchanged for whatsapp and email, before and during all trips, to make sure that we are taking care, now with this necessary and practical new format, of everything that was needed and help for each trip. We will also return thanking you and returning about your always precious feedbacks.


Until March 16, this is our full focus. To the point that we are not setting up and taking care of new trips until that day.


Thank you very much once again! I'll be back one last time with more news and with this phase completed.

Happy Losar and Holi

Losar Tashidelek! Greeting from Tibetan New Year that just started. AND Happy Holi! I hear here from the office, now in Boudha, Kathmandu, the screams of those who are taken by surprise in the streets today, Spring and Color Festival!



Chorten team