Your trip


travel with whom do you know and has EXPERIENCE in travel organization in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet since 2000. His program is tailored in an extremely personalized way according to your objectives, interests and our knowledge.





We support with the preparations of your trip in a very organized way to ensure that you board smoothly: with a very well put together program, your documents well seen and organized and a very good understanding of practical aspects of travel in these countries, with cultures and structures so different from ours in the West.





Your itinerary is designed and assembled according to the questions climatic e geographic on each time of the year on each region, the best means of transport available between each destination, good location of the hotels, time, or that e form of visit each destination, among countless other details that we naturally take into account so that you can enjoy your time e experiences in these countries as best as possible.





We establish good partnerships with several local representatives in each region, updated whenever necessary, we are always available It is the most next possible during your trip (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) so that we can support you and assist you whenever you need.





It will be a pleasure to take care of your trip and soon hear about your experiences Learnings in these countries and cultures that are so important to us.